In Expressions series you will find brave wines combining in an exciting way the characteristics of different grape varieties in a provoking the senses mix of flavours, tastes and colours. The grapes used in the production process are carefully selected from our vineyards with a reduced yield of about 700 kg / dca. Along with the popular varieties Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Muscat Ottonel are used indigenous varieties such as the typical for the region Early Melnik Vine and Sandanski Misket. Most of the wines are made of two varieties from one harvest as each of them has fermented separately in inox vessels. Blending is made after fermentation, in search of the perfect balance between the two varieties. The result – unique wines with a harmonious structure and character to remember.

The dragonfly is a key element in the image and message implemented in Expressions series. It is a symbol of lightness, free spirit and beauty combined with maturity, inner strength and harmony – qualities that we strive to achieve both in ourselves and in the wines we produce. The color of each of these wines represents its variety characteristics and reflects on its aroma and flavor characteristics, creating a strong and complete “experience” in the bottle.

Expressions series is inspired by the freedom to express yourself, your feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and by the belief that there is magic in wine, which predisposes us to be more real, more sincere and more sensual. The series unites different wines with a bright individuality and charm, which by analogy with the human characters, always stands out among others. Each bottle of Expressions comes not only with quality wine, but with an expression of emotions, excitement, and attitude, making it a good choice when looking for a wine for gift, special occasion, or to impress your guests with a good boutique wine.


Expressions Misket/Muscat 2015
Expressions Rose 2015
Expressions Syrah/Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Expressions Merlot/Syrah 2015
Expressions Cabernet Franc/Early Melnik 2015
Expressions Sandanski Misket
Single vineyard 2016