Motif is a collection of varietal boutique wines produced in limited batch of the best grapes of the vintage. The grapes used in production are carefully selected from our vineyards with a reduced yield of 500 kg / dca – 700 kg / dca. A re-selection was made by hand to select only the best grape grains. Fermentation passes into inox vessels with minimal technological interference. Then the wine is moved to oak barrels, where they have a minimum of 9 months of maturity to develop their varietal character, and to obtain a good bottle aging potential. The wines in the Motif series are oriented towards the connoisseurs of quality Bulgarian wines with pronounced varietal characteristics and powerful structure.


Motif reflects the idea of ​​wine as art and varieties as the main tool for its creation. This idea is set not only in production, but also in the design of each bottle. The label  is black with embossed graphic motives, that elegantly flash out of the light, drawing elegantly the look. It is inspired by the symbolism of the mandala associated with transformation on the path to “awakening the senses” to reach inner and outer harmony.


And as the spark of the creative impulse gives birth to masterpieces, the harmony in nature gives the optimal conditions for extracting beautiful grapes to become a true delight for the senses. This corresponds to the essence – the main motif behind the Via Verde – the path towards change and development, inspired by the modern man living in harmony with himself, the nature and the surrounding dynamic world united by the magic of Bulgarian wine.


Motif Merlot 2014
Motif Melnik 55 2014