The NOMAD SPIRIT series is fresh, different and very adventurous. Includes three interesting blends (white, red and rose) that combine indigenous and international varieties to bring a diversity of flavors and tastes and still to be fresh and easy going. The grapes used in the wine production are from popular varieties Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Muscat Ottonel as well as from the specific for the region Early Melnik Vine, Sandanski Misket and Keratzuda. The result is easy to understand wines that express the ease of the nomads’ in spirit approach to the world.

The NOMAD SPIRIT idea is integrated not only in the wines itself, but in packaging and label designs. For the wines we use lightweight bottles and screw caps closure just to make them easier to carry and open no matter where you go. The labels’ designs are very modern and colorful. Each wine guides you to a different destination and so have a “nickname” – Sea nomad (white blend), Forest nomad (red blend) and Urban nomad (rose blend).

On the beach, in the forest, or on the street – NOMAD SPIRIT wines are made to be drunk without any prejudices and literally anywhere. They are inspired by the lifestyle and the spirit of modern nomads, their curiosity, respect and appreciation of different places and cultures. Moved by their passion for travelling NOMAD SPIRIT wines bring you a great opportunity to find the way to a new person, a new place or a new experience, and why not all three. The perfect wines for beginners in the world of wine adventures.


Sea Nomad 2016
Urban Nomad 2016
Forest Nomad 2015