VIA VERDE (Latin “Green Way”) started as a family project in the end of 2013 with the search of the best place for the beginning of our vineyards. This is how we found our first vineyard in the village of Levunovo – 80 dca of sun and life. The pleasant Mediterranean climate, clean soils, light mountain breezes and colorful dragonflies have turned the Valley of Struma River into home of our vineyards. Here we started to look towards the future and gave life to our ideas.


The Green way begins there, where we start to look to the future and work on turning our ideas into reality.


The path we have taken is green, a little wild and untrodden but also shared with the people who are willing to follow us, those who believe in us and our ideas. Those are the people who motivate us to keep forward to follow our dreams and never give up. When you draw your route, all the obstacles and difficulties on the way are precious experience, support is a trigger for development, and goals are more clear and desirable. With VIA VERDE brand we aim to create a connection with nature, to provoke creative spirit and to develop wine culture as an integrated part of the modern lifestyle. Because Life of the wine truly begins only in the glass, when it gathers us and inspires us to communicate, dream, and create.


They say when you meet a dragonfly, it’s a sign to change your life – to look at yourself and give a will of your true self.


Do you wonder what is in common with VIA VERDE wines and the dragonflies? The purity of nature, harmony and inspiration for a fulfilling life is what connects them. Dragonflies live only in ecologically clean places, where water, soil and air exist in balance and create a pure life. They are part of our terroir and fill the landscape with their beauty and inspiration. The dragonfly is a representative of nature, which carries the symbolism of the core values ​​and principles of VIA VERDE.